Getting Older

A lot of people dread aging, and for good reason. As we get older, certain things get harder and harder, and we are not just talking physically.

Well, someone on Reddit recently posed the question, "What have [you] found gets harder as you age?" and plenty of folks were happy to chime in. So if you are still young, now you know what to look forward to.

Things that get harder as you age include:

  • "Making friends."
  • "Staying in touch with people. A few weeks or a month can fly by compared to when you're a teen."
  • Feeling and sustaining 'cozy Christmas feelings' and other similar feelings that were easy to have as a child."
  • "Getting up after you’ve kneeled down."
  • "Forcing myself to go out and have some fun. Because I could simply stay at home — where it's warm — with my yoga clothes, my pets, and Netflix. Throughout the weekend."
  • "Tolerance for BS. You have far less time for stupid attitudes and behaviors from people, and you can see how fake many people in the media and politics there are."
  • “Seeing the best in people and being compassionate. It's really difficult to not become jaded as you get older because there's so much more you're exposed to compared to when you were a teen or younger..."
  • "Understanding new things — from cultural trends to technology."
  • "Getting a job.
  • "Sleeping in. Something shifted in me when I had to start training myself to wake up early, and now I can't sleep in when I have the option, like I used to be able to."
  • "Getting over a hangover!"
  • "Digesting a meal without getting heartburn." 


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