Health workers get free lunch

A couple in a small mountain town in Canada recently bought a meal for every single employee at their local hospital.Ron TaylorandJennifer Lount-Taylorlove their community of Nelson, British Columbia, so much so that when they visited the town 18 years ago, they came back a month later and stayed. But lately, Jennifer has seen a trend that troubles her. Remembering the widespread support that frontline healthcare workers enjoyed in the early days of the pandemic, she wondered why that dried up. Not only were healthcare workers not being celebrated, in many cases they were being vilified.

So she had an idea of “a small gesture” that she and her husband could make to try to show local healthcare workers that they were appreciated. One day last month, Jennifer and Ron dropped off a box to Kootenay Lake Hospital. In the box was a note expressing their gratitude to the “322 special heroes” at the hospital and $50 gift cards to local restaurants for each and every one of the 322 hospital staff. The couple say their $16-thousand donation doubles as support for local restaurants that have also struggled during the pandemic.

Jennifer and Ron are grateful for the more than 60 letters from hospital staff thanking them for the gift cards, but she thinks the gift cards were secondary to the note they wrote the staff. She knows that not everyone can make such a grand gesture, but anyone can write a letter to let someone know that you appreciate them. “It doesn’t have to be the size of the gesture,” Jennifer says “It is what your words say, what you show in terms of your gratitude.”

Source:Nelson Star

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