Little Acts of Kindness add up

A school in Virginia is teaching kids the value of helping others, one act of kindness at a time. Clover Hill Elementary School in Midlothian got all of their students involved in a program based on kindness called “Raise Craze.”

Christen Hare, VP of the PTA, says the main goal was to get kids to think of others, be kind and pay it forward and that’s exactly what these youngsters did. Some helped friends and neighbors in need outside of school and the kindness continued inside the school building as well. Kids wrote letters to thank janitors, cafeteria staff and office administrators.

The entire school worked together on the mission and in the end, they had accomplished more than 5-thousand acts of kindness. The students were proud of their success and they learned valuable lessons, too. “It makes me feel really good to do nice things for others,” says fifth-graderLuluPelfrey. AndOmar Cortes, also in fifth grade, saw the impact his good deeds had, explaining, “It creates a butterfly effect where they want to help other people.”


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