Treats instead of Tricks

The family of an elderly woman in the U.K. is looking for some trick-or-treaters who visited last week and left gifts for her.Brenda Burdon, 86, was visited at her home in Newcastle last week by three kids,Jessie,Olivia, andWalter. Burdon apologized for not having any treats to give out, but these kids didn’t seem to mind. "It's okay, because sometimes making people happy and getting a nice big smile is reward enough," she recalls one of the children saying.

The next day the kids came back to Burdon's house bearing gifts. They brought her a card, a box of chocolates, and a 10-pound note, which is about $13. Burdon’s grandson,Danny Parker, says the visit from the children made this the best Halloween of her life. "I spent a few hours with her that afternoon,” he says. “She was just lost in happiness that total strangers could leave such a wonderful impression.”

Burdon was so pleased with the kids’ thoughtfulness that she went out and bought them some gifts in return. She also wants to give them the money back so they can spend it on themselves. Now the family is hoping the children make a return trip to visit sometime soon.


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