106.1 The Twister's Operation Bikes For Kids

Huge thank you to CLASSIC CHEVROLET OF OWASSO for helping with 106.1 The Twister’s Operation Bikes For Kids!


**All monetary and physical bike donations will be handled by Humble Sons Bike Co, with the help of Two Men and a Truck.

'Operation Bikes For Kids' is designed to:

Bring a community together by collecting bicycles, A LOT OF BICYLES, for KIDS IN NEED this Holiday season.

'Operation Bikes For Kids' goal: 1,061 bicycles.

How 'Operation Bikes For Kids' works:

Beginning December 12th, 2022, Natalie Cash, will scale a 30-foot scaffold in front of Owasso High School Football Field, will not leave the scaffold, until she receives this year's goal of 1,061 bicycles.

She will not come off the scaffold until this goal is met.

She’ll be broadcasting live, while living in a tent….. freezing her tail off … trying to brave the freezing cold elements Oklahoma has to offer during the holiday season.

Her job… SURVIVE. The community’s job… DONATE A BIKE.

How To Donate?

^ Physical Bike Donation: Drop by a bicycle during the event at Owasso High School's Football Field

^Monatary Donation: Each $50 equals one bike towards the goal of 1061 bicycles

^OR Donate NOW: here

This holiday season, 5 different charities will receive bicycles through the 'Operation Bikes For Kids' campaign.

2021 Bicycle Recipients: Family & Children’s Services, Toys For Tots, Bike Club, Salvation Army, Owasso Community Resources

For the privileged child, a bicycle is a staple of our youth.

IT REPRESENTS an element of freedom

For kids who receive a bike from 'Operation Bikes For Kids',

it will represent the ability to make it to school or work. It’s a mode of transportation.

One bike donation to 'Operation Bikes For Kids' could change the path of a child.

Huge thank you to our partners:

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