Boyscout saves the day

A Boy Scout in Oahu, Hawaii, saved the day for a couple and their dog lost on a hike. LocalsJDandAimeethought they were just taking their blue pitbull on a short hike, but soon found themselves seven miles deep into the Waimano Trail with no food, no water and no power on their cellphone, plus, it was getting dark.

They hadn’t seen anyone for hours and even worse? Their 100-pound dog, Smokey, injured his paws and was unable to walk. Lucky for them, they crossed paths with 12-oldDavid Kingand his mom,Christine. They were near the end of their 15-mile hike for David to earn a Boy Scouts Merit Badge and stopped to offer help. He tried carrying the dog, but Smokey was too heavy and that’s when David’s training kicked in.

He built a stretcher using big tree branches and their shirts and the group took turns carrying the dog on it for the remaining three miles of the trail. It wasn’t easy on David, especially after the 15-mile hike and the soccer game he played before that, but they kept going, guiding JD and Aimee back safely and carrying Smokey. And the young Boy Scout says it felt great helping others in need, “I think that when you help someone out it’s like the joy in you that you know you did something good that day.”


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