Retired worker saves the day

An 81-year-old woman comes out of retirement to help her favorite restaurant stay open after experiencing staffing shortages.Bonnie Augustof Findlay, Ohio, is a regular at the local Culver’s fast food restaurant. She’s been dining there with friends and family since it opened 10 years ago and it’s her favorite place to eat. So she was disappointed when she showed up there recently and was told that the dining room was closed due to a shortage of staff.

Not willing to just accept the problem, August, who retired from a local factory 11 year ago, decided to come out of retirement to help the restaurant out. She showed up at the restaurant one day and ownerDanielle Doxseymet her at the door. "I walked up to the door," Bonnie says, "And Dani came to the door and said, 'Oh Bonnie, I'm sorry, we're not open.' And I said, 'I know. I want to apply.'"

So August became a crucial member of the Culver’s of Findlay team. "My job listing says runner, I don't run anymore, I just hurry as fast as I can" she says, "It's just walking, getting the orders, taking the bag and walking to the car and giving it to the people and making a little small talk just to see if I can make them smile." She hopes her story will encourage others to get out there and help out. "Jump in the water. It can be fun," she says. "If you have a chance to give back, give back. We've been given so much."


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