Mom gets a dream home for the holidays

A single mom of three in Georgia was in for a huge surprise after getting the keys to her family’s brand-new home.Shaneekasays she’s always dreamed of becoming a homeowner, but just getting the down payment for a house was standing in her way. The new house in Stockton was financed through Habitat for Humanity, but another nonprofit had more in store for her.

Warrick Dunn Charities has spent the last two decades helping single parents reach their goal of first-time homeownership through theirHome for the Holidaysprogram. And this time, they were helping out Shaneeka with a check for $5-thousand for down-payment assistance and $10-thousand worth of furnishings for the house.

So when Shaneeka stepped inside, she was delighted to see the home was fully furnished and decorated. “Everything I want is here,” she said while looking around her new home. After sharing a living space for so long, she’s grateful her family can now spread out in their house. “We were living in the same bed and now they have their own space,” she says of her kids. “Oh my goodness, I love it.”

Source:CBS 46

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