6 Siblings Adopted just before Christmas

A Georgia family got a lot bigger last week when they adopted six siblings who they had been fostering. In a Columbus, Georgia, courtroom just before Christmas,AngelaandElliott Turbevillefinalized the adoption of their six foster children after a two year process. “Y’all are getting what you deserve as children, to be able to be raised in a happy house and taken care of, loving each other, loving your parents and just having everything be great,” Superior Court JudgeMaureen Gottfried, who presided over the process, told the family. “So I’m very thrilled to be able to sign off on all these.”

The Turbevilles, who have three adult biological children, first started fostering four of the siblings in 2019. Soon after moving in with the couple, they learned the kids had three more siblings living in a foster home a couple of hours away. After a few months of weekend visits, the Turbevilles took in those siblings too. When the Turbevilles learned that the courts had terminated the parental rights of the biological parents of the six oldest siblings, they started the adoption process.

On Monday morning of last week, the kids all got up and got ready for school. Outside their home, relatives and friends were gathering to surprise them. Overnight, someone had set up a sign on the front lawn that read “IT’S ADOPTION DAY,” and when the children went outside to head to school, they saw the sign and realized what was happening. “Coming right before Christmas, this is like the perfect time,” the 13-year-old foster child says, “I’m just amazed and excited because we’ve been waiting for this a long time.”

  • The Turbevilles are still working on adopting the seventh and youngest sibling.


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