$1K Tip for the new year

An Arizona waitress is surprised when a regular customer leaves her a $1-thousand tip.Jocelyn Streeperhas only been working at Eggstasy in Scottsdale for three months, but she’s already left quite an impression on at least one of her customers. On a recent visit, the customer left her a $1-thousand tip on a check that was less than $100. "This seems like a movie or something you see on the news," Streeper says. "It doesn't happen to you. I went and flipped over the bill and saw how much they left me. I was like, 'Oh my gosh, that's so crazy.'"

Streeper says that before this the largest tip she’d ever received was $40, but Eggstasy’s managerSteve Varsamisisn’t surprised that someone would want to recognize her for her hard work. "She is just a really good person," he says. "Really good at the service industry, taking care of people. Someone who goes above and beyond got rewarded for it."

Streeper is grateful for the customer’s generosity and plans to use the money to repair her car. "I'm just really thankful that they took the time out of their day to think of me and what I'm going through," she says.

Source:Inside Edition

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