Postal Worker saves a life

A postal worker was caught on camera doing an act of kindness that may have saved a woman’s life.Linda Houltonwent out to get the mail at her house in Des Moines, Iowa, but she fell on the snow and ice and couldn’t get back up. She struggled to get back on her feet, but when she was unsuccessful, she was stuck outside where the wind chill was five degrees below zero.

No one stopped to help Linda untilChris Meyerpulled up in a mail truck. It wasn’t the mail carrier’s normal route, but he was most definitely in the right place at the right time. Footage from the security camera at Linda’s house shows Meyer lifting her off the ground and helping carry her back to her house. He even went back to pick up the mail she dropped in the fall.

Linda says she’s not sure how long she was out in the freezing cold, but the time stamp on her security footage shows it was 19 minutes. That’s a long time to be outside in dangerous conditions and Linda’s family credits Meyer with saving her life. “A good Samaritan stopped and helped my mom. Saved her life,” says Linda’s son-in-law,Wen Boatwright.“We need more people like him out there.”

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