Driver Rescued

A good Samaritan in Muskegon County, Michigan, saves a driver from a burning vehicle.Stefani Mockwas on her way home from babysitting her niece on Saturday afternoon when she witnessed a truck drive off the road into the trees. "By the time I got my car stopped right there, the truck was already in flames," says Mock. "There was stuff blowing up everywhere, the windows blew out."

Despite the danger, the mother of a one-year-old son rushed to help the driver. "There was a tree up against his door and I had to pull that tree back as I’m yelling at him to get out because the truck is on fire," she recalls. Mock says adrenaline helped her snap the branch that was pinning the door closed. "The fire department thought we cut it," she says. When she got the door open, the driver fell out onto the ground and then stumbled away from the wreck, making Mock think he must have hit his head. She later learned that the driver was arrested for DUI.

Mock says she’s thankful that things happened when they did: a few seconds later and the driver might have died in the fiery crash, and a few seconds earlier and he might have run into her head-on. There’s no doubt that Mock saved the driver’s life, but she doesn’t consider herself a hero. "I would do it again," she says. "I didn’t even think about the flames, I just thought about getting him out.”

Source:WZZM 13

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