Teens build house for family in need

New Jersey high school students build a home for Habitat for Humanity on their school campus. Students from the structural and design fabrication program at Roxbury High School are partnering with Morris Habitat For Humanity to help build a modular home on the school’s grounds. It’s believed to be the first time any New Jersey school has been involved in such a project.

Video of the construction site shows a half-dozen students wearing hardhats and busily installing siding on the home’s exterior. The home is being constructed in two separate parts and will be transported to its permanent location in a nearby neighborhood when it’s near completion in May.

“It’s hard not to look at this and just feel that sense of pride,” says teacherFrank Caccavalle. “These students come in every day … in the cold, sometimes in the rain. And they’re excited about it as we work toward our vision to really help that family in need.”

Source:FOX News

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