Secret Garbage Man makes people smile

For weeks, folks in an Appleton, Wisconsin, neighborhood were trying to figure out who was behind a wintery act of kindness. They would take their trash cans down their snow- and ice-covered driveways on trash days and find the cans were back at their garages in the evenings.

Melody Luttenegger first asked her husband if he was bringing the cans up, but it wasn’t him, so she decided to watch and find out who the do-gooder was. It turns out, 75-year-old Dick Pontzloff, who lives a few streets over, was caught in the act of kindness.

He says when he retired, he got sick of doing nothing, so he started going around and picking up garbage cans for his neighbors. Not just certain ones either, Pontzloff does it for everyone in the neighborhood. The Wisconsin native says he’s always loved winter and helping out any way he can.

“Just be nice to all people,” he suggests. “It’s just what you gotta do.”

Source: Good News Network

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