Boys rescue dogs from housefire

A pair of boys in Coventry, Rhode Island, rescue three dogs from a burning home. Anthony Lombardi, 12, and Mario Comella, 13, were recently biking through their neighborhood when they heard an alarm coming from their friend’s house. The boys stopped to investigate and saw that the home was filling up with smoke and the family’s dogs were trapped inside.

They contacted their friend and got the code to the front door. After calling 911, the boys opened the door to the burning home and called for the dogs. Two of the dogs came out of the house, but another dog was still inside, locked in it’s crate. Comella fearlessly entered the home and got the third dog out of the crate, bringing it to safety outside.

It turns out, the homeowners, Athena DiBenedetto and John Salisbury, were out to breakfast at the time of the fire. They say one of the dogs turned on the stove, catching fire to a wooden cutting board that was sitting on the burner. DiBenedetto and Salisbury are very grateful for the young hero’s quick thinking. “I still can’t watch [the security video] without getting teary-eyed and thinking about what would have happened if they were there five or 10 minutes later,” Salisbury says. Comella, whose uncle lost a dog in a fire just last year, was glad he was able to prevent a tragedy. “I was thinking, ‘This happened to my uncle, so I’m not going to let this happen to my friend,’” he says.

Source: WPRI

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