Flowers delivered to Seniors

An Idaho woman is single-handedly making sure Valentine’s Day is special for all the girls in one Idaho county. An anonymous woman is giving a Valentine’s flower with a card to every female high school senior in Bonneville County, Idaho. Each flower comes with a note with a message like “You are beautiful,” “You are loved,” or “You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.”

The donor was inspired by a local secret santa and wanted to do something similar, but at a different time of the year. She and her husband purchased the flowers from an Idaho Falls florist, who she credits with helping her pull off the effort. She hopes to make it an annual tradition.

“I’ve thought about that girl sitting in class who doesn’t get a note from the office that says she has a flower waiting for her,” says the anonymous donor. “I get a bigger lump in my throat when I think about somebody that never gets a flower their whole life. This is our small way of [helping] as many young women [as possible] feel special.”

  • In the end, nearly 700 flowers and notes were passed out across the county.

Source: East Idaho News

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