Dancing Man gets a hand up

An Indiana police officer has a good surprise for a man he saw dancing down the road on his way to work. A couple of weeks ago, Fishers Police Department K-9 officer Jarred Koopman saw a man dancing down the sidewalk and was so moved by the man’s positivity that he just had to stop and talk to him.

During the conversation, Koopman found out the man was a father of seven-year-old twins and had been in a car accident recently and lost his car as a result. The man was walking to his job where he works with kids with autism. Koopman was so impressed with the man that he felt like he had to do something to show the man some love. “So I was like you know what I got people on social media I said, ‘Let’s do something for this guy.’“

Koopman took to social media and asked people to chip in to give the man a big surprise. Then last week, the officer tracked down the unnamed man and delivered over $22-hundred to him. The man was overwhelmed with the kind gesture, hugging Koopman and thanking everyone that contributed to the gift. “No way! Thank you, everyone, everyone, whoever did it. Thank y’all so much,” the man says in a video Koopman posted to Instagram. “Y’all don’t know how blessed and appreciative I am about all this…I don’t do it for any of that, but I didn’t expect this at all. Thank y’all so much.”

Source: FOX 59

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