Free Clothes for kids in need

A Georgia mom is opening a free boutique for children in need. In 2016, Linda Durrence’s 27-year-old daughter died in a car crash. Following their loss Durrence, her husband, and their two surviving daughters moved back to their hometown of Glennville, Georgia, and started attending a local church. Durrence’s daughters became friends with three sisters who were in foster care and also attended the church. When the Durrence found out the sisters were going to be separated, they decided to take them in.

The day the girls arrived at their home, Durrence was struck by how few belongings the girls had. Everything they owned they carried in a trash bag that wasn’t even halfway full. So the Durrences took the girls shopping and got them all the necessities. Over time, the mom watched as the girls blossomed and they eventually adopted the sisters, but she never forgot about those trash bags they showed up with. Durrence admits that her family is "financially blessed," but she worried for other families who weren’t so lucky.

Durrence kept that thought in her mind and then late last year, a retail space opened up in a nearby shopping center, so she secured the location and started work on her new passion: a boutique that offers free clothes to children in need. She named her boutique Blossom after the change she saw in her adopted daughters. When the store officially opens this month, children in need can come in and get seven full sets of clothes and shoes for free, and can come back once a quarter for new clothes. Durrence says it’s not about the stuff, but about how it feels to be supported by your community. "We just want other foster parents to know and foster children to know that the journey can be beautiful if everybody just pitches in and does a little bit," she says.

Source: FOX News

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