Wall of Giving

A Fort Myers Beach restaurant has pulled all the dollar bills off its walls and donated the money to the Humane Society. Thousands of tourists and locals visit the beachfront restaurant Shucker’s at the Gulfshore in Fort Myers Beach each year and many of them love the tradition of signing a dollar bill and tacking it to the wall of the restaurant or its beachside bar, The Cottage. But eventually, Shucker’s runs out of wall space.

So, once a year, usually on Fat Tuesday, the staff at Shucker’s take down all the bills and donate them to a local charity. Traditionally, the folks at Shucker’s—being the animal lovers they are—pick a local animal organization to give the cash to. This year they pulled $4,523, which they’ve donated to the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

On Fat Tuesday, Shucker’s held a Mardi Gras celebration at the restaurant and bar. The Gulf Coast Humane Society was there with some puppies to bring awareness to pet adoption. During the festivities, Shucker’s general manager Brian Nagle presented the organization with a check and now he says he wants to make the donations to the Gulf Coast Humane Society an annual cause. “I am very grateful that people spend their hard-earned money with us,” he says. “We are doing what we can to give back.”

Source: ABC 7

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