Baby Boy Found

A missing eight-month-old baby is found in a field in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, unharmed after being missing overnight. Eight-month-old Niguel Jackson’s mother showed up at a Baton Rouge fire station last Tuesday, apparently suffering from medical issues and was taken to the hospital for treatment. It was later discovered that when she left her home earlier in the day, she had her son Niguel with her.

One Wednesday morning, the woman led first responders to an area near their home where she’d left the baby the day before, but Niguel was no longer there and officials feared the worst. Temperatures in the area had fallen into the 50s overnight and according to EMS spokesperson Mike Chuzta, “The timing didn’t give us a lot of hope.”

Emergency responders and community members quickly coordinated a rescue effort and after an hours-long search, a police helicopter located Niguel unharmed in a field. The baby was taken to a local hospital as a precaution, but is believed to be fine. "It's still in a dangerous area but I think that it's just a miracle basically to see the condition he was in,” Chuzta says. “I did not expect that at all."

Source: People

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