Spreading some Positivity

Florida high school students are spreading positivity with Post-It notes. Students at Leon High School in Tallahassee just wrapped up Positively Post-It Week. For the week, participants covered surfaces all around the school with positive messages written on fluorescent sticky-notes to help raise the students’ spirits.

A yearly tradition at Leon High, Positively Post-It Week is dedicated to spreading positivity at the school and on social media. “Positively Post-Its is just giving the students another opportunity to smile, to let them know that they're seen and heard and loved,” says Camille Friall, a sophomore and member of the Student Government Association. “Some of them are just simple messages like 'you're beautiful,' 'you're awesome,' 'keep up the good work,'” Friall says. "Some of them are maybe a little deeper.”

And even though the event is officially over now, organizers say they hope the positivity spills over into the students’ lives and they take to heart the positive messages after the notes come down.

Source: WFSU

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