Little Girl found Safe

A four-year-old Australian girl is found safe after being missing for two days. Last week, four-year-old Shayla Phillips went missing from the backyard of her family’s home in Stormlea, Tasmania. She was playing with the family’s two dogs when she was last seen and one of the dogs was gone, too.

Shayla's mom, Bianca Page, contacted the police and reported her missing at about 2:30pm and the State Emergency Services (SES) were called in to search for the toddler. A team of more than 100, including tracking dogs, horses, helicopters, and drones were involved in the two day search. Police inspector Gavin Hallett says the team was determined to find Shayla. "We were dealing with a four-year-old girl, we knew we had to find her, we had to do that crawling on hands and knees to locate her," says Hallett. "And that's what SES did to locate her."

Just before 4pm on Friday, news started circulating that Shayla had been found and police confirmed this a short time later after she had been reunited with her grateful family. The toddler was found in a “heavily wooded” area that had been previously searched about a thousand yards from the family’s home. According to a volunteer who worked with the search crew, residents erupted with joy when news of the girl’s return reached the community,

Source: Sunny Skyz

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