Kidneys and a Best Friend

A single dad of two in North Carolina gets a new kidney donated from a total stranger. Steve Sanders has been living for years with a rare kidney disease and his kidneys have been failing over time. Then a couple of years ago, doctors told him that he would soon need to start life-long dialysis treatments or he would need a new kidney. So the 46-year-old active father of two created a website to try to find a living donor and shared his story on social media.

More than two dozen people expressed interest in giving a kidney to Sanders, but they either changed their mind or weren’t a match. Then in late 2021, Sanders found out he had a match. Chris Perez learned about Sanders’ story through his wife, whose coworker shared a post from Sanders on social media. After researching about the process and discussing it with his wife, Perez started the process to get tested. He didn’t reach out to Sanders until after he was approved as a donor.

When the two men first made contact, they ended up talking for over two hours on the phone. "It was an immediate connection," Sanders recalls. "It was like I knew this guy my whole life without ever meeting him. We clicked right away." The pair had a successful transplant surgery in January of this year and Sanders began feeling better right away. Perez is glad that he’s helped a new friend and a fellow father to have a healthy future. And Sanders says he didn’t just get a new kidney out of the deal, but also a great friend.

Source: Fox News

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