Give and Take Closet

A Central Michigan high school junior started a free store at her school to help less fortunate students. Rylee Sisco was returning from a band field trip and on the way home they stopped to get some food. She noticed that a couple of the students didn’t get any food because they couldn’t afford it. This made her sad, so she decided to do something to help her less fortunate classmates.

Sisco’s idea was to start a give-and-take store for students at her school and so Rylee’s Closet was born. The store got up and running last fall and has items like clothes, shoes, shampoo, and soap, all for free.

The teen recently submitted an essay about Rylee’s Closet to a state-wide competition on community improvement and took first place, winning $5-thousand. She’s putting all the money toward the closet and creating a care fund for the project so it can continue long after she graduates. She’s currently working on moving the space from a closet to a whole room. “So, we’ll have a ‘Rylee’s Room,’ maybe we can upgrade the title,” she says.

Source: WNEM

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