CPR Saves a Life

An Orlando high school student saves his pregnant coworker just hours after learning CPR. When Daniel Navarro was learning CPR at Lake Buena Vista High School in Orlando, he wasn’t sure he’d ever have to use it. But it didn’t take him long to put his new skills to good use.

On the afternoon of the day that 9th and 11th graders at Navarro’s school learned how to perform the life-saving measure, Navarro’s pregnant coworker was found unresponsive and he performed CPR on her, likely saving her life. The coworker was dehydrated and her blood pressure dropped, causing her to collapse. Fortunately, the teen was there to save the day.

Navarro’s school recognized him for his good deed, giving him a leadership award and a gift bag. “I don’t know if I feel like a hero, but I’m glad that I used it with her because now she’s alive,” he says.

Source: FOX35 Orlando

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