3 legged dog with cancer saves the day

A three-legged dog in Lakeland, Minnesota, is being hailed a hero for saving a baby river otter. Cleo Young’s six-year-old goldendoodle, Gus, has had a tough couple of years. Gus had a tumor removed a couple of years ago and at a followup vet visit earlier this year, they had to amputate one of his back legs. Young didn’t think that his dog would be able to run and play like he used to, but he hasn’t let it slow him down.

On Easter Sunday, Young and her granddaughters watched from the shore of the St Croix River as Gus jumped in and swam far out into the frigid water. He seemed like he was on a mission. When he returned to shore, he had a tiny baby otter in his mouth, which he left at the girls’ feet. They rushed the baby otter to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

At the center, staff were able to nurse the baby otter back to health, but say that if Gus hadn’t rescued him, he probably wouldn’t have survived. And even though Gus has more treatments to get back to being healthy, he didn’t let that stop him from saving another creature’s life.

Source: CBS Local Minnesota

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