Police Random acts of Kindness

Police in Oceanside, California give out $100 bills to surprised grocery shoppers. As part of the Oceanside Police Department’s Random Acts of Kindness Project, officers find different ways to help out community members every month. We told you a few weeks ago about Oceanside cops giving out cash at local gas stations. Well now they're back at it; this time helping shoppers buy their groceries.

This week, officers dropped by several local grocery stores at different times of the day to give unsuspecting shoppers $100 to help with their grocery bills. "Are you serious?" a shoppers says after being approached by an officer. "I never thought of anything like that happening, it's remarkable, takes your breath away."

The project was originally started when a local family donated money to the department for them to give out at Christmas. The family then donated an additional $20-thousand to keep the project going all year long. The police department hopes the project will help them make a positive connection with the community.

Source: People

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