House is Rebuilt

Back in January, a tornado with 118-mile per hour winds ripped through Iona, Florida, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. It destroyed Robert and Lois Norris’ home and nearly everything inside of it. The couple moved to North Carolina to stay with relatives and thought they’d never come home again.

But what they didn’t know? Robert’s brother Larry and his wife Renee used the time to get to work repairing the home. Rebuilding the home wasn’t easy, but it was a labor of love. Larry says, “We were able to rebuild this thing from the floor up.”

Robert and Lois, who’ve been married 68 years, recently returned to Florida and were surprised to find their home rebuilt and ready to move in, all thanks to Larry and Renee. “Everything’s brand new, except me and you,” Lois teases her husband. Now the couple are counting their blessings and they’re grateful to be back home again.

Source: WINK News

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