Cops called to a Kid's Bday Party!

Police respond to a complaint about a group of people arguing and fighting, and after realizing that it’s actually children at a birthday party, they start playing with the kids. Tosha Holder was watching her five-year-old grandson, Eli, enjoying playing with friends at his birthday party when five Raleigh, North Carolina police officers pulled up to the group. The police were responding to a neighbor's complaint that people were arguing and fighting, but when the officers realized that it was just the children playing, they asked if they could join in the fun.

"The officers went out and they started talking with the kids,” recalls Holder. “They asked the kids whose birthday it was.... and then the police said, 'Well, how about we play with y'all?'" The officers threw the football with the kids and ran around the apartment’s parking lot.

Holder says it was the best birthday her grandson had ever had. "It's been a total change in the kids since just that one experience,” she says. “The kids have totally earned respect for police officers." And Raleigh Police Chief Estella Patterson was also pleased with how the interaction turned out. "Every opportunity to engage with the community in a positive light is a win for the RPD and those we serve," a statement from Patterson reads. "We would also like to wish Eli a very happy birthday!"

Source: ABC 7 Chicago

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