Business honors employees 20 years on the job

A dental assistant in a Texas orthodontist’s office is rewarded for 20 years on the job with $20-thousand in cash. In May of 2002, Sophia Teel started working as an intern at Risinger & Nelson Orthodontic Specialists in Beaumont, Texas. In the 20 years since then, she’s proven herself to be a valuable part of their operation and as the 20th anniversary of her start approached, her bosses wanted to do something to show their appreciation.

In a now viral video posted on social media, Sophia’s coworkers are all standing around as her bosses recognize her 20 years on the job and hand her 20 bundles of $1-thousand, counting out each as it’s handed to her. Her coworkers cheer as she fights back tears. Sophia’s boss, Dr Ronald Risinger, says that she isn’t just an employee, but a friend. He estimates that they’ve spent 40-thousand hours together since she started working with him.

Even without the cash gift, Sophia says she’s happy working at Risinger & Nelson and that the job is fun, but it’s also nice to be acknowledged for your hard work. “I am grateful. I was humbled that day, but I am grateful and it's an awesome feeling to be appreciated in such a manner,” Sophia says. “And the whole world knows that you’re appreciated. That was awesome."

Source: Good Morning America

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