Blame it on the stars!

You may have heard people decrying “Mercury Retrograde,” but anyone who’s been affected by it will tell you: it sucks. Not familiar? Mercury normally moves faster than Earth around the sun, and during when it’s in retrograde, it’s actually moving slower than Earth around the sun (though some think it’s actually moving backwards – it’s only moving more slowly).

Either way, astrologically-inclined peeps in the world find this time unsettling – and it’s starting today and rolling through June 3rd. Now the folks at McDonalds are trying to help with the stress and for today and tomorrow they’re trying to help out…by offering free food. How so? You can get a free McChicken or McDouble with the purchase of medium fries, but there’s a hitch: the offer is only good via the McDonald’s app.

As part of that, McDonald’s is also partnering with astrology expert/ tarot card reader Madam Adam today for a TikTok live tarot card reading. If you’re into that sort of thing, he’ll be offering insight to fans and if you want a look into your future you can comment on Madam Adam’s TikTok or Instagram account.


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