Cash for EVERYone

A man was caught on video throwing money from the balcony of a New Jersey mall. On Mother’s Day, shoppers at a mall in Freehold, New Jersey were showered with cash as they shopped. A mystery man was walking along the mall’s mezzanine, pulling bills from a bag and throwing them in the air, where they drifted down to people in the courtyard below.

Sarah Mostafa, who shot the video, was stunned by the kind gesture. "I just thought it was a good moment to capture someone doing something good for a change," Mostafa says. "It was just really, really sweet, I think. He was like, 'Happy Mother's Day!' and started showering money."

No one knows the man’s name, but a woman believed to be a mall worker says the man has done the same thing on other holidays. But just as quickly as the generous stranger appeared, Mostafa says he "disappeared, like Santa Claus."

Source: NBC New York

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