Breast feeding moms want to help

An unnamed Michigan mom wanting to help other mothers make it through the baby formula shortage donates over 1-thousand ounces of her own breast milk. In 2017, lactation consultant Shonte’ Terhune-Smith founded the community-based organization You Overcoming Lactation Obstacles (YOLO) to help breastfeeding families. Recently, with the nationwide shortage of formula, YOLO’s services have been essential to families struggling to feed their babies.

Through Terhune-Smith, one unnamed mid-Michigan mom with an abundance of breast milk has donated over 1-thousand ounces of it to help other families to feed their infants. “The fact that there are moms who are willing to unite and really not shame each other — like it’s not about breastfeeding versus formula feeding — it’s really about us coming together for these babies to thrive,” Terhune-Smith says.

Terhune-Smith says it’s important for moms to know the safe options for finding food for their babies. She encourages any mothers in the area who want to help or who are in need of help to reach out to her. “Our goal should be for us to unite for our babies,” she says.

Source: WNEM

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