Dinner with Dad TikTok

The Twister has a TikTok Page that we'd love you to check out and while you're playing, go get some love and Dad advice from Summer Clayton:) His story is below...

A TikToker is providing a father figure to millions of appreciative viewers. On Summer Clayton’s TikTok page he describes himself as a proud dad to 2.4-million kids. In his videos, he plays the part of the concerned and supportive dad and his viewers are there for it.

Many of his videos teach his viewers how to do things they might not have learned from their own parents, like ‘how to tie a tie,’ or ‘how to deal with dandruff.’ But his most popular videos are his ‘Dinner with Dad’ ones, where he makes two plates of food, one for you and one for him, gives thanks for the food, and then has a supportive conversation with you about how your day has been.

You only have to read a few comments after his videos to understand how much some people really need someone like Clayton in their lives. One person commented “I would die for my parents to say they are proud of me just once.” And another wrote, “This video literally made me cry. You reminded me of my mom so much. I lost her at 11 and was so sad I never got to do this with her again. Thank you!” In fact, a shocking number of the responses are people admitting that they cried after watching the videos. There’s nothing sad about them, but people just need a supportive father, and Clayton is filling that need.

Source: Upworthy

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