Game Warden saves TWO people in Three Days!

A Maine game warden and his K9 partner rescue two missing people in a span of just three days. Warden Jake Voter and his K9 partner Koda recently had a pretty successful week. Last Friday, an 11-year-old girl went missing from her home in Somerset County and Voter and Koda were able to find her within an hour.

Then late Sunday night, the pair were called in to assist in the search for a 77-year-old woman who’d been missing since at least Saturday. Koda was able to pick up the scent of the missing woman and he located her deep in the woods behind her house, alert but severely dehydrated.

Voter says it’s just good fortune that he and Koda were able to take part in the two rescues. "What happened last week probably will never happen again in my career,” he says. “The fact that we had the opportunity to search for two people in three days and they were in the area I was searching, that in and of itself is uncommon." The pair have been working together for about two years and Voter gives all the credit to his K9 partner. “We are a team, he's the most important part,” he says. “Sometimes I feel like I'm on the dumb end of the team."

Source: People

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