Brain Injury survivor graduates Med School

Thank you for ALL of our Medical School graduates. You are doing such great things for our community and we hope that you know you are surrounded by love and thankfulness.

A cyclist who nearly died when he was hit by a car five years ago, overcomes the odds, recovers, and graduates from medical school. In 2017, David Jevotovsky was riding his bicycle in Manhattan when he was struck by a car and sustained a serious brain injury. He was unconscious for a week and remained hospitalized for a month. At times, doctors weren’t sure if he would survive.

Even after David was released from the hospital to a rehab facility in his hometown of Rochester, he was in a fog. He was broken, physically and mentally. His injuries forced him to take a semester off from school, but he was determined to continue toward his lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.

David surprised everyone with his progress. He returned to his studies and only one year after his near-fatal accident, he successfully ran the New York City Marathon. Then on May 18th, just five years after the accident that almost ended it all, he graduated from NYU School of Medicine, and after some post-graduate training, he will begin his residency next year.

Source: NY Post

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