Gas for less than $3!

For a couple of hours yesterday, a gas station in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, let customers fill up their tanks for only $2.38 a gallon. The event was sponsored by a political advocacy organization funded by the fossil fuel industry and was meant to highlight rising costs for Pennyslvanians.

Currently, the national average for a gallon of gas is around $5, more than double the going rate of $2.38 from mid-January 2021. The manager of the gas station, Tammy Bartley, says they wanted to do something to help people out. “Especially the older people working on a budget, or people that don't have a job right now," she says.

The first 150 vehicles to show up for the event were able to fill up for the discounted price — only 87 octane, no RVs, and no gas cans. About 15-hundred gallons were sold at the lower price, which saved those customers around $4-thousand in total.

Source: WTAE

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