Boy scouts jump into action

Among the 290 people aboard an Amtrak train that derailed in Missouri were 16 Boy Scouts, who jumped into action helping other victims. Members of a pair of Boy Scout Troops heading home to Wisconsin from a scouting camp in New Mexico were onboard when the train struck a dump truck and derailed in Mendon, Missouri. The scouts had been trained in first aid and emergency preparedness and started working to help others involved in the incident.

One 15-year-old scout went to the front of the train and discovered the driver of the dump truck that caused the accident. The young man comforted the driver as he passed away from his severe injuries. Other scouts helped their fellow passengers by breaking the train windows so they could evacuate.

Boy Scouts of America national media director Scott Armstrong says the scouts were doing what they’re trained to do. “These kids are built pretty tough. They just came off an adventure that adults couldn't handle with 10 days in the mountains, hiking somewhere around 100 miles,” he says. “Every one of them put their skills and kind of presence of mind to good use … helping others.”

Source: Good Morning America

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