Kids get more than 600 encouraging letters

Paul RUDD can ALWAYS make me happy:) For more smiles, watch the cute video of Paul below....~Karla

A Colorado sixth-grader receives hundreds of letters of encouragement after his classmates refuse to sign his yearbook. We told you recently about Brody Ridder, the Denver tween that got some encouragement from a bunch of kind high schoolers after his classmates snubbed his requests for them to sign his yearbook. Well, since then Brody has been getting a lot of messages of support from people around the world, including from actor Paul Rudd.

Over the last few weeks, Brody has received more than 600 letters from people of all ages from across the globe offering words of encouragement and advice. Many of the letters come from people who want to share their own stories of feeling left out or being bullied. He also received an autographed Ant-Man helmet from Paul Rudd.

Brody’s mom, Cassandra Ridder, says the letters have been so touching. "I cry with the majority of them I read because these people are just … they relate," she says. "They've been through it, too." When Brody’s having a rough day, his mom will pull out the letters to cheer him up. And if all else fails, he can always call up his buddy, Ant-Man, since he has his personal phone number.

Source: FOX News

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