Polar Bear rescue

A polar bear is rescued after approaching humans wanting them to remove a can stuck on her tongue. A two-year-old female polar bear in Northern Russia was roaming around with a condensed milk can stuck on her tongue. She was so desperate to get it off that she approached humans in Dikson, a port settlement in the Arctic Circle, seemingly wanting them to help her with the can.

“The bear got so exhausted with the can, it was coming to us and sticking its tongue out,” says one person the bear approached. “But it was impossible to help without traumatizing the bear, so people gave up.” Eventually, a group from the Moscow Zoo traveled over 15-hundred miles to help the bear. They tranquilized her, removed the can and treated the cuts on her tongue before releasing her to her habitat.

“We hope that everything will be fine,” says Moscow Zoo director Svetlana Akulova. “We left some fish near the bear because she had been without food and water for quite a long time.” They expect the bear will make a full recovery.

Source: NY Post

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