Blankets out of Chip bags!

A 12-year-old British girl is turning used potato chip bags into blankets for the homeless. For the past year, a tween named Alyssa has been taking used potato chip packages (or “crisp packets,” as they’re called in the UK) and creating lightweight blankets with them that she then donates to organizations working with the homeless.

She first got the idea from another UK woman, Pen Huston, founder of the Crisp Packet Project, where they make blankets and survival bags and offer support to others who want to start similar projects. The blanket project appeals to Alyssa because it’s helping people and keeping the bags, which are difficult to recycle, out of the landfills. Each blanket takes the tween about an hour to make and she says the only part she really doesn’t enjoy is cleaning the used bags.

Since she started, Alyssa’s managed to make more than 200 blankets and kept nearly 10-thousand chip bags from going in the garbage. When a blanket is finished, she puts it inside a bag along with other essentials and toiletries, which get donated to organizations like The Salvation Army. Some of the bags have even been sent to Ukraine. Alyssa says that homeless people really appreciate the blankets because they’re lightweight and waterproof. "You wouldn't think you could turn a crisp packet into something so helpful,” she says.

Source: BBC

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