Explorers save lost dog

A group of cave explorers in Missouri find and rescue a dog that had been missing for two months deep in a cave. While exploring the vast Tom Moore Cave system in Perry County, Missouri, a group of spelunkers came upon a missing dog. There was water in the deep underground cave and some fish and crustaceans, but the spot where they found the dog was completely dark.

Trained cave rescuer Rick Haley along with cave explorer Gerry Keene managed to coax the dog through a two-foot opening and up a tunnel 500 feet to the surface and out of the cave. They then contacted the local fire department and helped them go door to door looking for the pup’s owner.

Eventually they reunited the dog, who they learned was named Abby, with her owner. They discovered that she’d been missing for over two months and her owner feared she was gone forever.

Source: WANE

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