Wigs from Cancer Survivors

An Arizona nonprofit distributes donated wigs to women with medically caused hair loss. E-Beauty in Buckeye, Arizona, is working hard to help women who are having the toughest time of their life. For the past 11 years, they’ve been collecting donated wigs — mostly from women who have completed cancer treatment — and distributing them to women who have lost their hair, usually due to cancer treatments. In that time, they’ve given away more than 65-thousand wigs.

E-beauty COO Laura Jirsa, a two-time breast cancer survivor, says the premise is simple: help restore confidence to women experiencing medical hair loss. “I’ve lost my hair twice and it’s difficult, I gotta say, sometimes it’s overwhelming,” she explains. “It’s extremely challenging, it sometimes defines a woman, it’s part of her self image, it’s part of her confidence.”

Like Jirsa, many of E-Beauty’s volunteers have first-hand experience with medical hair loss, so they know how important it can be to have a good wig, and how expensive they can be. Which is why E-Beauty has a large assortment of cuts, colors, styles, and lengths, and they’re all provided completely for free. Wigs come from women who have completed their cancer treatments, sent to their partners at Paul Mitchell Beauty Schools who clean and refurbish them, and then sent off to hospitals across the county to be given to women who are just starting their cancer fighting journey.

Source: ABC 15

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