OK City finds a Hero

Please remember to check your backseat. This can happen so quickly and we're so glad a hero was at hand!~Karla

Shoppers at an Oklahoma Walmart rescue a pair of toddlers from a hot car in the parking lot. Charlene Cooksey and her husband were at an Oklahoma City Walmart when they saw a security guard looking through the windows of a car in the parking lot. That’s when she noticed two small children were in the backseat, sweating and unconscious.

Cooksey got a crowbar and was going to break the car’s window, but the security guard was unsure and wanted to wait for the fire department to arrive. Cooksey went into “mom mode” and said, “scr*w the fire department. Those babies need to get out.” But before they had to break the window, an unnamed woman crawled through the car’s sunroof and unlocked the doors.

They grabbed the girls and put them inside the security guard’s air-conditioned vehicle. "People from Walmart were trying to give us water, but the girls weren’t having it,” Cooksey says. “They were scared and they were calling out for momma.” Cooksey was still there when the mother came out of the Walmart more than 30 minutes later and was arrested by police. "I wanted to see who would risk their kids just to go into Walmart,” she says. In a statement, Walmart says they’re grateful for the customers who saved the little girls and that both girls are “doing well.”

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