Repel Men NOW

Well, it turns out that I've been repelling men my ENTIRE life! I have MOST of the list below visibly displayed in my house and carry some of them with me every day!!! If you're hoping to catch a man, do NOT follow my example:)~Karla

We all have our own red flags when it comes to dating and there are some things we just won’t stand for in a potential partner. And according to one relationship expert, some things inside your home could be scaring off Mr. Right. Dana Kuritzkes says some home decorations women often have “just give men the ick.”

She says men think these are the most cringe-worthy items you may have at home:

  • Crystals - This is the biggest turn-off for men, according to this expert. Having one or two as decorations is fine, but if they’re covering every surface, you might want to rethink the crystal collection displays.
  • Stuffed animals - Some keep the ones they had as kids for sentimental value, but those beloved plushies could be getting in the way of romance. So you might want to stash the stuffed teddy bears out of sight while you have company.
  • Dream catchers - Lots of people love these decorations that are supposed to keep bad dreams away, but Dana says they’re another no-no as far as men are concerned.
  • Snow globes - They make great souvenirs and lots of people have collections of them, but apparently some people take issue with snow globes. “If you’ve held on to them as an adult it might be time for us to talk about your attachment issues,” she says.
  • “Live, laugh, love” signs - Sure, the sentiment is nice, but some people go overboard and cover every wall in their house with decorative signs with sayings like this. And this dating pro warns that they could be driving men away.
  • Framed photos of yourself - Pictures with other people in them are just fine, those that are just you alone? Not so much, according to Dana. “I’m all about self-love, but that’s a lot even for me,” she says.
  • And finally, Disney memorabilia - It seems men can’t stand Disney character collections or decor, probably the same way you cringe when you go to a guy’s place and see his Lego collection, action figures or football memorabilia.

Source: The Sun

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