How to look 35 at 55 !

Nicole Kidman’s been around Hollywood for decades, but you’ve never seen her quite like this!

Gracing the cover of the latest issue of “Perfect” magazine, the 55 (!!!) year-old actress and wife of musician Keith Urban is in insane shape, flexing her rock-hard biceps while posing in a mini skirt and sleeveless top. The issue dubbed Nicole the recipient of the "Perfect Icon Award."

Nicole also posted additional pics to her Instagram, getting amazed reactions from fans and fellow celebs as well. “Gorgeous photos!”, gushed Rita Wilson. Fellow Aussie Naomi Watts raved, “Wowza all of these pics! And those abs nic!”, followed by a string of emojis. Fans of the star weighed in as well: “A wonderful goddess! In love with every photo!”, one exclaimed.

Source: Page Six

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