BA Pizza place gets national praise!:)

An Oklahoma pizzeria is helping to feed the less fortunate in their community. At Uncle Vinny’s Pizzeria in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, there’s a pay-it-forward sign next to the register with colorful post-it notes on it. Each post-it bears a message like “be blessed,” “be kind,” or “have a blessed day,” and is for someone who needs some food to exchange for a slice of pizza. Customers at the pizzeria bought the slices for $2 each to provide some food for the less fortunate members of their community.

Uncle Vinny’s co-owners Kim Zezima and her son Lawrence started the pay-it-forward program after noticing more homeless people around town. They both think that helping their neighbors is the right thing to do. “The community’s what supports us so I really think it’s important to give back any chance we get to,” Lawrence says.

So far, Uncle Vinny’s customers have bought more than 50 slices for their less fortunate neighbors. Kim says she is helping to fill a need in the community. “This is a basic need,” she says. “It’s food you know. It’s not diamonds.”

Source: FOX 23

Pizza slice with spilled chili flakes

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