Dog rescued after a 100 foot fall

California animal rescuers save a deaf dog after a huge fall. In a recent Facebook post, The San Diego Humane Society reported that their Emergency Response Team (ERT) had rescued a “sweet deaf dog” after it fell 100 feet down a steep ravine near his family’s property in California’s Sorrento Valley.

A Humane Society officer responded to the scene and climbed down to check on the dog, named Hobo, and after realizing it was too dangerous to try and get him out solo, called for backup. Members from the ERT Technical Response Unit rappelled down the steep hill, cut Hobo free from the brush, strapped him into a harness and carefully hauled him back up the hill.

Hobo is normally separated from the steep terrain in their yard by a fence, but it was being replaced at the time. All-in-all, the rescue took about four hours and the pup was eventually brought safely back to his grateful owner. For all the drama, Hobo didn’t seem to be too bothered by the rescue and was happy to get some pets from his owner.

Source: UPI

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