Brilliant or Gross? Toilet Seat In Dishwasher

Here's another viral hack that's got the internet divided . . .

Someone on Instagram posted a video of how to deep-clean your toilet seat. Just unscrew it from the bowl and pop it in your DISHWASHER.  (!!!)

Most people who've commented seem to think it's gross, but a small sliver of the internet thinks it's brilliant.

The main pros are: Every nook and cranny gets clean, especially if your dishwasher has a "sanitize" setting that super-heats the water.

The main cons are: Couldn't leftover POO PARTICLES end up on your dishes? In the video, they actually put it in WITH their dishes, not on its own.

A few people pointed out that from a bacteria standpoint, toilet seats aren't actually that gross compared to things like doorknobs, or your phone.

We're not sure if that's an argument for or against it though.  

(NY Post)



(Here's the video.)

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