Teen helps woman at a gas station

A teen in England is being praised for selflessly helping an elderly woman in need. Alvie Armer of Leyland was out riding mopeds with his buddies and stopped to get some gas. At the station, the 16-year-old spotted an elderly woman having trouble putting air in her tires, so the teen jumped in and helped her get the job done.

He left the station and went home, but didn’t mention his good deed to anyone. But a man happened to see Alvie helping the woman and was impressed enough to post about the moment on social media. Alvie’s mom, Beverley Fry saw the post, but didn’t realize it was her son at first. The story made her smile, and when she realized it was her son, she was filled with pride.

Beverley was pleased to have proof that her son had been listening to her. "A lot of young people get a lot of bad press and they get judged as well,” the 40-year-old mom says. “It's just a little thing, but it can make somebody's day, can't it?"

Source: Sunny Skyz

BTW...WHERE are the lowest gas prices in Twister Country??~Karla

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